Three-phase Ongrid Inverter (15kW / 17kW / 20kW / 23kW / 25kW)

  • Stable: Fanless design to prolong lifespan; Full auto-protection.
  • Flexible: Up to 6 unites parallel; Single phase and unbalanced three phase paralleling.
  • Easy use: Light, quick and easy installation; Free and handy monitaring on mobile/PC.
  • Smart UPS: Smart LCD display; Plug&Play, seamless switching under 10ms; Sufficient backup power for emergency use.
  • Intelligent working modes: Intelligent modes selection for different situations to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.
  • Easy to use with battery: Higher charing and discharing current; Wide range of compatible battery brands; Wake up lithium battery from sleep mode.
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Technical DataHBG-T15KHBG-T17KHBG-T20KHBG-T23KHBG-T25K
DC input
Maximum input power22.5kWp25.5kWp30kWp34.5kWp37.5kWp
Maximum DC power of MPPT11.25kW15kW20kW
Number of MPPT2
Number of PV string2/12/2
Maximum input voltage1100V
Start-up voltage160V
Rated voltage650V
MPPT voltage range140V~1000V
MPPT full power voltage range450V~850V520V~850V540V~850V
Maximum input current26A/13A26A/26A40A/40A
Maximum short circuit current36A/18A36A/36A50A/50A
AC output
Rated output power15kW17kW20kW23kW25kW
Maximum output power16.5kVA18.7kVA22kVA25.3kVA27.5kVA
Rated output current22.7A25.7A30.3A34.8A37.8A
Maximum output current25.0A28.3A33.5A38.3A41.6A
Nominal output voltage3P/N/PE, 400Vac
Grid voltage range310Vac~480Vac (according to local grid standard)
Nominal output frequency50Hz/60Hz
Grid frequency range45Hz~55Hz / 54Hz~66Hz (according to the local grid standard)
Output current THD<3%
Output power factor1 (-0.8~+0.8 adjustable)
Performance data
Maximum efficiency98.6%
EU efficiency98.2%
MPPT efficiency>99.9%
Self-consumption power at night<1W
DC reverse polarity protectionYes
DC switchYes
String fault detectionYes
Safety protectionAnti-islanding protection, Leakage protection, Ground fault monitoring
Anti backflow protectionOptional
AFCI protectionOptional
Input/Output SPDPV: type II, AC: type II
General data
Operating temperature range-30ºC~60ºC
Relative humidity0%~100%
Noise emission≤40dB
Cooling methodNatural cooling
Maximum working altitude4000 m
Display screenLCD + LED + APP
Communication interfaceRS485/USB, Optional: WiFi/GPRS/4G
Warranty10 years (extendable)
Ingress protectionIP65
Protective classClass I
Weight20 kg22 kg23 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)520x189x430 mm
Certifications and standards
Safety standardsIEC/EN 62109-1/2, IEC61140
Grid connectionCEI 0-21/CEI 0-16
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